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Pregno presents Utopia Products Pregno presents Utopia Products
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Pregno Logo

Opera is a cultured and meticulous collection made up of sculptural gestures collected from the present

Pregno has the pleasure of opening to the public a refined treasure chest of precious works, meticulous research work on materials and new forms attentive to the suggestions of contemporary visual art.

Luxury that generates surprises

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Pregno Opera Gallery 02
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Pregno Opera 01
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Every detail is gracefully arranged, personalization is maximum, the result is eclectic and convincing.

However, success goes far beyond ... in these rooms linear forms alternate with softer and more enveloping ones, capable of suggesting fairy-tale scenarios of comfort and relaxation in the spectator's imagination.

Pregno Opera 02
Pregno Opera 03

Pregno creates
a home to be exhibited

Opera is a path in which architecture and design come together in a home to be exhibited.

Pregno Opera 04

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