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Because this is not just a collection It’s my personal view on interiors It’s Pregno lifestyle


A journey through my latest projects

With the word “Vendome” I’m not talking about a new collection but about Pregno’s brand evolution. My company has a long history and a rich heritage, which is rooted in classical style, artwork, and craftsmanship.

However, I have always loved to go beyond the trends, by constantly renewing my collections, while maintaining my identity.

A piece of furniture made by Pregno is always easy to recognize due to the precious wood veneers and the elegant and luxurious finishing. I have collected in this book my classical heritage, my propensity to the future and the contemporary style, the inspirations from my travels and my projects around the world, the search for new materials.

I did not do all this by myself, but thanks to a team of people who have been with me for years. Without them, Pregno lifestyle would be just a vision and not a solid reality.

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