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Way Of Life

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There are homes which welcome and speak softly to visitors, gradually folding them in a warm and reassuring embrace.

The Pregno collections provide unusual solutions to functional requirements and dream up new ways for everyday use of the spaces rather than just replicate the conventional methods.

Way Of Life represents all that is best of Pregno designs, conceived to build tailor-made living spaces around you, designer interiors that are a blend of craftsmen’s skill and aesthetic features.

Finding the right style is a question of balance between past and present, intimacy and hospitality, rigour and gentleness, contrasts and symmetries. This is the only way to achieve a vibrant, harmonious environment. One that is alive.

Way of Life is tailor-made Art...fully customisable to design.

Maximum exclusivity makes for furnishings "stitched" like an attractive dress onto the soul of whoever uses them.

Way Of Life has been conceived to combine aesthetics and functionality, while exclusive technologies make the collection ideal for superior, state-of-the-art architectural designs.

Interpreting and giving shape to these highly personal "domestic visions" is a true mission which combines empathy and technical expertise.

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